DVD and Blue Ray of the film Bread and Chocolate
November 26th 2014
The renovated version of Bread and Chocolate will eventually be available in dvd and blue-ray formats as of December 2nd. An Italian unprecedented Home Video Version of Bread and Chocolate, a must-see in Italian film-making industry, with which millions of viewers have fallen in love all over the world and a remarkable award winner, will be brought to a new life. 40 years after the film launch and 10 years after the death of a great Italian actor, Nino Manfredi, Andrea Occhipinti, the Bologna Film Library and the National Film Library give back to the wide audience an ever-burning and never predictable masterpiece, which three extras have been added to.

Nino emigrated to Switzerland, where he managed to get a three-month contract as a waiter in a restaurant. He gets fired, unfortunately, and loses his residence permit. Instead of going back to Italy, he takes refuge at Elena's, a Greek expat whom he is soon bound to by personal ties. An entrepreneur, an expat just as he is (on financial grounds) hires him, but the day after, abandoned by his wife and in the middle of financial crisis, he commits suicide after having deprived Nino of all of its savings. Whereupon the former waiter joins a group of Neapolitans who earn their living on working in a henhouse. In spite of negative circumstances and unfortunate events, Nino does not want to give up.

A two-engine car: Franco Brusati and the making of Bread and Chocolate (62 min). This homage to Franco Brusati recounted by friends, staff, actors and technicians working on Bread and Chocolate recalls memories, details the making phases of the film and helps the audience to take stock of Brusati's work.

About Bread and Chocolate : a conversation between Paolo Virzì and Andrea Occhipinti (17 minutes). Virzi and Occhipinti tell us about the "keys" to what makes Bread and Chocolate successful. A historical and social point of view is there in their recollection, which focuses both on narration and the relationship between Manfredi and Brusati. Virzì's recollection is enriched with the memory of their meeting when he was a young screenwriter and Brusati was approaching the end of his career.

The restoration (7 minutes) Gian Luca Farinelli, Luciano Tovoli and Andrea Occhipinti detail the reasons why the renovated version has been shot and the attitude marking the work carried out by the Bologna Film Library.

Technical data
Film duration 115'
Video 16/9 1.85:1
Audio: Italian 2.0 dual mono
Subtitles: Italian n.u.; English, French (extra subtitles language: English)

Bread and Chocolate in Venice
September 2nd 2013
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This year, the Venice Film Festival (for the Venezia Classici Awards section) pays homage to Franco Brusati by shooting the renovated version of Bread and Chocolate in this year. Dates: Monday 2nd September at 7:30 p.m. (Sala Volpi) and Tuesday 3rd September at 2:15 p.m. (Sala Volpi).

Building upon the co-operation between Lucky Red and the Bologna Film Library, forty years after its shooting, Bread and Chocolate will see light once again, against the fascinating backdrop of the Venice Film Festival
August 18th 2013
Bread and Chocolate’s renovated version was achieved thanks to items stored by the CSC-National Film Library and the co-operation with the Bologna Film Library performing the document retrieval in the laboratory.
L‘immagine ritrovata (The retrieved image). Lucky Red sponsored the initiative and will deal with communication and all other activities pertaining to the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Brusati's death.
Bread and Chocolate in Venice
Dates: Monday 2nd September at 7:30 p.m. (Sala Volpi) and Tuesday 3rd September at 2:15 p.m. (Sala Volpi).